12 APRIL 2024

AISAC Conference 2024 | Africa and China: Actors, Methods, and Geopolitics in the Everyday

We are delighted to announce the first AISAC Conference, to be held in Padua on 12th April 2024. The conference aims to bring together researchers across a range of disciplines, including geography, development studies, African and Chinese studies, anthropology and sociology, as well as political economy and international relations. Specifically, the AISAC Conference seeks to foster a conducive space for multidisciplinary dialogue concerning themes often under-researched in Africa-China Studies.

University of Padova (IT)

29 MARZO 2024

AISAC Webinar 2024 | Shenzhen africane? La presenza cinese nello sviluppo di zone economiche speciali in Africa

Il Webinar sarà tenuto da Paola Pasquali, PhD, ricercatrice associata presso il Centre for Asian Studies, University of Ghana e UMR Géographie-cités, Paris.


16 OCTOBER 2023

AISAC Lecture 2023 | China-Africa Relations in the ‘New Era’ | prof Chris Alden, London School of Economics

The lecture will examine the impact of changing conditions in the global environment and China's domestic environment, and how these are impacting upon China Africa relations. Specifically, it will contextualise and assess how the problems of African debt, China's mega-project strategy, the push for critical resources in green transition, food security concerns and domestic economic difficulties are redefining ties.

University of Bologna (IT)

22 JUNE 2023

AISAC Webinar 2023 | China, Europe and the Changing Global Order

Join professor Giles Mohan, Dr Ingrajit Roy and Dr Nana de Graaff to hear the latest in cutting edge global political economy.


25 MAGGIO 2023

AISAC Webinar 2023 | Perchè è importante parlare di relazioni Africa-Cina

Un dialogo a più voci tra le fondatrici di AISAC per presentare l'Associazione e discutere di alcune delle tematiche fondamentali nelle relazioni Africa-Cina come la transizione egemonica, il ruolo della Cina nello sviluppo infrastrutturale dei paesi africani, il capitalismo di stato cinese e la cooperazione internazionale allo sviluppo cinese in Africa.