Launch of the Italian Association for Africa-China Studies (Associazione Italiana Studi Africa-Cina, AISAC)

The first webinar of the Italian Association of Africa-China Studies (AISAC) was held on May 25th 2023. We discussed why it is important to talk about Africa-China relations and why it is important to discuss them in Italy, where, thus far, this topic has remained on the margins of academic and policy debates.

AISAC was founded to respond to the need to create a critical and cross-disciplinary space where we can discuss the centrality of Africa-China relations for the transformations taking place in international affairs and the global economy. In this webinar, we started a dialogue around some of the crucial issues in Africa-China relations: hegemonic transition, infrastructure, state capitalism, and international cooperation.

You can watch the webinar (in Italian) on our YouTube channel.

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